Danny Kleitsch

“The KNOBLITE® team is passionate about listening to and working with fire fighters every day…building relationships with amazing results.”

Danny KleitschCreative Engineer/Designer
Manufacturing Master
Tom Smith

“Budget conscious fire chiefs realize they can significantly cut costs, reduce fire fighter injuries/industrial claims, and improve fire ground operations with KNOBLITE®…a great product with tremendous value.”

Tom SmithCo-Founder, TASER International, Inc.
Jim Mabry

“Bottom line…no matter what the call, Fire, EMS, Special Ops, KNOBLITE® improves operational capability on the emergency scene…like having an extra crew member on the truck.”

Jim MabryFire Captain/PM/Haz Mat/Technical Rescue
Phoenix Fire Department (retired)
AZ Task Force-1, World Trade Center, NY, Sept 2001
Brian Barr

“KNOBLITE® is the perfect combination of American ingenuity…quality, creativity, craftsmanship, and collaborative effort…every component manufactured with the knowledge that excellence and attention to detail matter most when lives are on the line.”

Brian BarrPrincipal, Global Mission Critical Services, LLC
Innovaquartz, Inc.
Venture Capitalist
Stephen E. Griffin

“KNOBLITE® is an awesome addition to the emergency services inventory…a saver of life, time, and money…and just a really cool tool.”

Stephen E. Griffin Optical Engineer and Materials Scientist
15 Patents

Nothing better in mayday/self-rescue situations to help you get out.

Shut down pistol grip, disconnect Knoblite® and attach to your turnout coat. Make sure you have a Knoblite® in your RIC bag.

“Vision without action is a dream.
 Action without vision just passes time.
Vision with action changes the world.”
– Joel A. Baker
Made in the U.S.A.