Press Release, All Clear Fire Systems LLC

All Clear Fire Systems, LLC is proud to announce the granting by the United States Government of US Patent 8,919,979. Electronic Apparatus for Hose Attachment to Enhance Visibility, Communication, Atmospheric Monitoring, Early Detection and Warning for Fire Fighter Scene Safety. Known to fire fighters as “KNOBLITE,” fire fighters routinely refer to the fire nozzle as “the knob”. The KNOBLITE® is a heavy duty, lightweight, electronic life-saver that fits in a fire fighter’s gloved hand, and can be attached to a turnout coat or “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus,” carried hand-free with a strap, or attached to a fire nozzle.

The KNOBLITE® provides fire fighters a portable electronic link with any informational resource or sensor. For Fire Fighters, that means you can have the best lighting, video, thermal imaging, and sensor technology in the world — right at your fingertips…or hands-free, whichever you prefer.

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