Knoblink Launch, April 2015!

Come visit KNOBLITE at booth 8110 Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana at the 2015 Fire Department Instructors Conference April 23-25, 2015. Talk to the people who designed it, built it, and manufacture it. Read more

Press Release, All Clear Fire Systems LLC

All Clear Fire Systems, LLC is proud to announce the granting by the United States Government of US Patent 8,919,979. Electronic Apparatus for Hose Attachment to Enhance Visibility, Communication, Atmospheric Monitoring, Early Detection and Warning for Fire Fighter Scene Safety. Known to fire fighters as “KNOBLITE,” fire fighters routinely refer to the fire nozzle as “the knob”. The KNOBLITE® is a heavy duty, lightweight, electronic life-saver that fits in a fire fighter’s gloved hand, and can be attached to a turnout coat or “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus,” carried hand-free with a strap, or attached to a fire nozzle.

The KNOBLITE® provides fire fighters a portable electronic link with any informational resource or sensor. For Fire Fighters, that means you can have the best lighting, video, thermal imaging, and sensor technology in the world — right at your fingertips…or hands-free, whichever you prefer.

Knoblite® – Vehicle Fire Fighting Safety Training

KNOBLITE in action! It’s all about LIFE SAFETY, giving our brothers and sisters tools that make a difference. Read more

Knoblite’s Custom Stream Shaper

Fire fighters have asked us why we include a custom stream shaper and smooth bore nozzle tip in our KL system? Read more

“See the Difference with Knoblite®”

Fire fighters “Seeing The Difference”…and Loving It! Read more

KNOBLITE BASICS – World’s First Mobile Computing Platform for Emergency Professionals in the Hot Zone.

Knoblite is capable of supporting an array of hardware/software solutions that help fire fighters survive. Read more

Knoblite News – May 2014

Another busy month for KNOBLITE®. Still trying to catch our breath after FDIC and keep in touch with all the new friends we’ve made. We appreciate each new business contact and fire fighter who has joined us on this journey. Read more

Having a blast at the 2014 FDIC Knoblite® launch!

The Knoblite® team is enjoying their official launch at the 2014 FDIC event! Read more

Every Problem Has a Solution

Leave it up to fire fighters to find a solution. More Knoblite® goodness at the 2014 FDIC event! Read more