Knoblite News – May 2014

Another busy month for KNOBLITE®. Still trying to catch our breath after FDIC and keep in touch with all the new friends we’ve made. We appreciate each new business contact and fire fighter who has joined us on this journey. We are committed, not only to provide you with the latest fire service technology, but to listen and respond to your contributions. Why? Because we each share something …

“There is no passion to be found playing small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela

In 1983 I had just got out of the US Marine Corps … Semper Fi. What would I do with the rest of my life? Where would I meet the same type of people I had so enjoyed associating with over the previous years. As luck would have it I had a friend in the service who came from a long line of fire fighters and childhood pals in Phoenix who had become members of the Phoenix Fire Department. As I visited my buddies at their work I realized “THE JOB” was life on the edge, unpredictable, never a dull moment, challenging, and FUN. That was it … I was hooked!

Whatever it was going to take I was willing to do it. I attended fire science classes at my local community college, rode along with neighborhood fire fighters, lifted weights at the fire station near my house, cleaned the trucks, washed dishes, scrubbed toilets, and most importantly — kept my mouth shut, eyes open, and ears peeled. I saw the difference between fire fighters who were along for the ride and fire fighters who had that “something special” that inspired others … that something that made me “burn” to be one of them. That SOMETHING was an incredible passion for what they were doing and the people they were doing it with. You can’t teach or fake passion. You’ve either got passion or you don’t.

Many years later I have that same passion for the fire service and the folks committed to making it better. My humble advice for everyone, find something, … anything in life that you are truly passionate about. Pursue it and contribute to it what no one else can. The rewards are unexpected and amazing!

Thank you to fire fighters everywhere who have purchased KNOBLITES and are using them to pursue your passion and make the emergency scene a safer place to operate. We will continue to pursue our passion and to provide you with THE VERY BEST AMERICAN MADE LIGHTED WIRELESS MOBILE SAFETY SOLUTION IN THE WORLD. Until next month, …

Survive To Serve.

Jim Mabry
Fire Captain/Paramedic/HAZMAT/Technical Rescue
Phoenix Fire Department (retired)

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