Welcome to Knoblink®

The KNOBLINK® is a fire fighting tool that can be attached to a fire fighter’s turnout coat (hands free), a nylon strap grip for personal use, or attached between the pistol grip and a straight stream/smooth bore or fog combination nozzle tip. It will permit Ladder Company Fire Officers to provide better scene visibility, check the condition of roof before going on it to identify obstacles and determine if heat/fire below roof level (possible collapse), and monitor building interior heat changes to maximize ventilation efforts. The KNOBLINK® will permit Engine Company Fire Officers to provide better scene visibility, utilize proactive thermal image technology, check interior roof conditions, determine if active fire above roof (possible collapse), check middle of room space to see if heat signature is growing (possibility of flashover), and check floor to facilitate search and rescue efforts/early notification of additional resources.

The KNOBLINk® will permit Fire Apparatus Operators to support their crews with the lightest, most powerful, portable, personal fire ground safety tool in the industry, better maintain personnel accountability, and monitor crew member location and needs on the fire ground.

Finally, the KNOBLINK® will give the Fire Fighter on the nozzle the best ability to visualize fire scene action, identify life hazards prior to entry inside involved structures, recognize heat threats, proactively cool environment, easily recognize location in structure and closest egress/exits, and provide early MAYDAY notification and self-rescue solutions.

Made in the U.S.A.